Born with a hole in his heart.  He spent his first weeks in an incubator and had heart surgery at the age of two.  By the age of ten, he was proclaimed healthy.  His heart condition did not slow him down.  On the contrary, it helped him understand his body?s healing capabilities and master the power of the heart.
He believe that we are all capable of achieving our goals.  The world around us offers both opportunities and the prospect of possibilities ? opportunities to discover what we are capable of achieving and the possibilities to express our aspirations in the ways that reflect who we are.  Self-development is, in his view, the noble goal that helps us grow our potential through both physical and mental means.  The actualization of that potential, capable of boundless development, is the base of his CrossFit philosophy and coaching.
He began studying movement at the age of 4.  After practicing Judo and meditation with his father and studying Taekwondo, Taekkyon and Jeet Kune Do for 14 years, he felt the need to search for deeper meaning in the martial arts and pursued studies of the internal martial arts of Xingyiquan and Baguazhang, as well as Qigong and Zazen.  While traveling extensively through Japan and Korea, he was seeking to understand the practicality of martial arts in our times.  His physical practice began to move away from its martial application and focused on functional movements and strength.  He eventually discovered CrossFit and its life changing benefits of functional fitness and development of power and skill useful in everyday life.  CrossFit brought back the intensity that he hadn?t felt since studying Taekwondo.  He loved the concept of being able to scale down the workout according to one?s abilities and thus creating the environment where everyone could work out together and toward a common goal while pursuing personal goals.
Music occupies the other side of his heart.  He began studying piano at an early age and pursued degrees in piano performance and composition.  The marriage between fine physical actions involved in piano playing and the emotional and spiritual aspects of expression through music has led him to the realization of a deeper connection between one?s physical capabilities and their heart.  Today he composes music, performs, and records.
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer
CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Trainer
CrossFit Strongman Trainer
CrossFit Kids Trainer
CrossFit Anatomy, Scaling and Judges
Virginie joined CrossFit in 2017 as a complimentary workout to improve her Capoeira skills.  In 2018, after her first CrossFit Open competition, she decided to focus more on her CrossFit training and it became an integral part of her life.
CrossFit not only changed her physically but also mentally.  She became more motivated, from training twice a week to 6 times a week.  She was also very determined, no matter how many times she failed or faced setbacks, she didn't give up until achieving her goals.
In August 2019, she decided to take the big jump and obtained her CrossFit Level 1 Certificate to become a coach.
Her passion for Crossfit shines through when she is helping others achieve and succeed in their Crossfit goals.  She does it with patience and encouraging words.
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer





Nick Cabral is extremely passionate about fitness and education.  He has been working with children for ten years as a RECE and has four years’ experience as a CrossFit athlete.  As a child, he struggled with obesity and eventually won the battle in his mid-twenties. His main goal is having children active in a developmentally age appropriate way while educating them about informed decisions when choosing what to eat. These goals are achievable by fostering a mindset that children are competent and capable of anything.

“It takes a village to raise a child”.



Koglin Sensei is a 4th degree black belt, Judo Canada and the Kodokan Institute, Tokyo, Japan. He has taught for the University of Toronto, the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, the North York YMCA, Crescent School, the Yamanaka Budo Life Centre, Associated Hebrew Day School, Native Child and Family Services Toronto, Yawara Dojo and Budokai JC .