The Sumerians recorded Lugal as the star that stands in the breast of the Lion, Leo's heart - the King.  Our heart is the engine that drives the forces of our body.  How we nourish our engine is shown in how we are conditioned.

Moving with the heart of a lion we begin again.  We choose to become a better version of ourselves, we begin to work with and from our heart found in our core.

Through CrossFit we rediscover our lion heart as a way to reach our potential and move with freedom

Move with the heart of a lion and the power of a king.

CrossFit at Lugal is both an intensely physical and internally focused practice.  All action begins from our heart and expands out to the world and the power and speed of every functional movement begins at our core and moves out to our extremities.  Fitness is achieved through movement and nutrition, strengthening the heart, the body and the mind to live a healthy life.

Our goal at Lugal is creating a space that offers support and recognition of an individual?s efforts in becoming better through raising awareness of their strength and abilities.

Through the practice of CrossFit we train ourselves to become not only stronger but also to overcome obstacles and even surprise ourselves with our achievements.

Becoming virtuosic in our movements changes how easily we move through our lives.  Virtuosity is an attainable way of being allowing us to move through life with courage, confidence, perseverance, resilience and grace.  Virtuosity is the ability to do the common uncommonly well.

Moving well grants us a better quality of life in our community, at home, at work, and at Lugal.

A core strength and conditioning program for anyone at any age and at any level of fitness with the desire to learn how to move safely, effectively and with efficacy.

The movements that are learned and used in everyday life are the focus.  These are functional movements.  We have to pick up objects, carry objects, and move our bodies throughout our day.  Whether we just want to move better and feel better than we do now or we want to see how well we can move, learning the proper mechanics of functional movement provides us with increased work capacity.

Increased work capacity is the ability to do more of the things we want to do more easily and more often.

CrossFit combines the functional movements that are utilized in gymnastics, olympic weightlifting and metabolic conditioning, beginning with the basic elements of these movements.  Meaning they are broken down to their bare bones so we can practice the movements at our own level of ability.

These movements are performed in a constantly varying program that is specifically designed to make us better.  The more variations and combinations of movements that we do, the more efficient we become in doing anything we want to do.

We perform these movements scaled to our ability so that we may move through them fluidly which allows us to reach a high intensity.  This intensity is the stimulus that activates our growth to become better physically and mentally.

CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.

It begins by developing our 10 general physical skills: endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, speed, power, balance, accuracy, coordination, and agility.



The needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree not kind.

-Greg Glassman-